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Boston University School of Public Health / Department of Community Health Sciences

SexTalk Columnist

During my undergraduate studies at University of Arizona I had the privilege of working at the Health Promotion and Prevention Services (HPPS) center.  I was a contributing columnist for SexTalk a weekly column in the Arizona Daily Wildcat.  The article I wrote was answering the question of whether HIV was small enough to pass through pores of latex condoms.  You can find the complete column here: 05.01.10.pdf

Teen Dating Violence Memo

For a final project in MC725- Women, Children, and Adolescents, I created a policy memo to Boston Public Schools (BPS) regarding Teen Dating Violence (TDV) prevention curriculum.  The memo included mention of the Nathaniel Fujita case out of Wayland, MA to highlight the importance of TDV.  It discusses an evaluated curriculum,  Safe Dates,  as an example for BPS to implement.  It concluded that through targeting TDV in adolescents other health outcomes could be positively influenced (ex. teen pregnancy, mental health, substance use, violence in adulthood).  

Teen Dating Violence through Life Course

Another assignment in MC725 involved looking at a health problem through the life course model.  For more on life course model see Integration section. I chose to look at TDV victims and perpetrators, with a particular focus on the risk factors for both.  Included with this assignment was a visual on risk factors.

HIV and MSM in Philippines memo

In IH795: The Global AIDS Epidemic, we wrote a policy memo to the head of state for a particular country.  My memo was to the President of the Philippines regarding the AIDS epidemic's effect on men who have sex with men (MSM).  In the memo we communicated epidemiological trends of HIV/AIDS, social/economic determinants of vulnerability to HIV transmission, analysis and critique of current policies/programs, and our recommendations to improve prevention efforts.

Safe Sex Slide Deck

For MC705: Safer Sex in the City, we had an assignment to build a slide deck for a specific sexual health issue and tailored to a particular audience. My presentation was for high school adolescents (15-18) as part of their school's health curriculum.  My lesson topic is an introductory lesson to the issue of sexual assault.  The lesson entitled "Blurred Lines-Lets Talk About It" incorporates adolescent media messages (utilizing Robin Thicke's song "Blurred Lines") into the discussion of sexual assault. The primary objective of the lesson is to define sexual assault and sexual violence.

Get Yourself Tested UA Event


HIV Prevention (Arusha, TZ)

Condom Demo

MC725 Memo

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MC725 Life Course

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MC725 Life Course Chart

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IH795 Policy Memo

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MC705 Slide Deck

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