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Boston University School of Public Health / Department of Community Health Sciences


For SB821 Intervention Strategies for Health Promotion, we planned a program utilizing evidence-based practices.  Our group planned an intervention that utilized an online sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening tool for Boston University first year students living on campus.  We revised an existing STI screening tool ( to create a more detailed tool that is inclusive of all sexual orientations. This tool would be used for students to better understand their risk and for our program to collect surveillance data for analysis.  The implementation involved Resident Assistants disseminating information on the screening tool and creating an atmosphere where students can discuss and get more comfortable with the topic of STIs and sexual health.  Our ultimate goal was to reduce stigma and shame associated with STIs as well as rates of STIs.

Attached is our final product, including: a brief needs assessment on our topic, review of literature on determinants related to STI screening programs, an outline of performance objectives and methods, as well as an overview of the program, and a logic model.

STI Screening Intervention

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